Breakout Space

NLS8 Breakout Space social media imageDo you have a tech project or skill you want to show off to the next generation of librarians at NLS8? We’re looking for people & groups who want to demonstrate what they do with hands-on activities in our Breakout Space.  

What we are looking for in the Breakout Space is for any participating groups or individuals to come up with a hands-on activity for our delegates to get involved with during the symposium.   Maybe you made a really cool thing using a Raspberry Pi? Maybe you want to show off and get feedback on a program you created? Or perhaps you have an activity that demonstrates what your professional group does for its members?  The NLS8 Breakout Space is not a trade hall, but an interactive learning space where people can get hands on with new technology and services.  It’s also a space where you can connect with the future leaders of the Library and Information Services industry in Australia.

An example of an interactive area is the AR-lia space at ALIA Information Online 2017. It was one of the busiest places in the whole conference, with people using augmented reality apps to view information and videos.

If this is something that might interest you, or you want to know more, contact us at We’d love to hear from you!